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Alumina Ceramic Color

Alumina Ceramic Color

Alumina Ceramic Color

What is the color of alumina ceramics? The white ceramics we see in our daily life account for most of them, but there are also other colored ceramics. Why do the same alumina ceramics have different colors?

Is the color of alumina ceramics light yellow impure? Actually not. In fact, alumina ceramics with AL2O3 content below 99 are pure white, and alumina ceramics with 99 ceramics and above are light yellow. If the color is not light yellow, it will turn light yellow when exposed to the sun for a long time.

The color of the products produced by alumina ceramic manufacturers is white and gradually turns light yellow. On the one hand, it is because of the changes in the internal components after sunlight exposure, and this change is irreversible, so the color will also vary. changed.

On the other hand, it may be that the products produced by alumina ceramic machining shop have deliquescence, resulting in the formation of hydrated alumina. In fact, not only ceramic products have this characteristic, but also other materials, so we can only overcome the phenomenon of discoloration of products produced by alumina ceramic manufacturers by minimizing the influence of external factors.

Regarding the color of products produced by alumina ceramic manufacturers, in addition to clarifying the reasons behind its discoloration, it is also necessary to master some basic principles of using it to make shaft cores to ensure that the produced products meet the requirements and can be used normally.

After figuring out the reason for the color change of alumina, and considering that the alumina material is relatively special, it is necessary to be more cautious when designing the alumina ceramic shaft core to reduce unnecessary damage. The main content involved mainly includes the type, size and position of the installed parts, the fixing method of the parts, the nature, direction, size and distribution of the load; the type and size of the alumina ceramic bearing; the blank, manufacture and distribution of the alumina ceramic bearing. Assembly process, installation and transportation; deformation of the shaft and a series of factors.

In a word, it must be designed according to the specific requirements of the alumina ceramic shaft, but on the premise of saving materials and reducing weight, try to use a cross-sectional shape with equal strength dimensions or a large cross-sectional coefficient; and adopt various types of stress concentration reduction. And structural measures to improve strength to further ensure product quality and performance.