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Zirconia ceramic laser machining method

Zirconia ceramic laser machining method

Zirconia ceramic laser machining uses a uniform laser beam with high energy density (108-1O10W/cm2) as a heat source to generate instantaneous high temperature at a local point on the surface of the processed ceramic material, and local point melting or gasification to remove the material. Laser machining is a non-contact and frictionless machining technology. No mold is required in the machining process. By controlling the focusing position of the laser beam on the surface of the ceramic material, the machining of three-dimensional complex shape materials is realized. Ceramic laser machining is suitable for micro-drilling, micro-cutting, and micro-structure fabrication on inorganic materials such as organics and ceramics. At present, micro-holes with a diameter of 4-5um and a depth-to-diameter ratio of more than 10 can be processed. The commonly used laser sources are CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers.

Features of zirconia ceramic laser machining:

  • Because the laser machining is to focus the laser with high parallelism and high energy density on the surface of the workpiece for thermal machining, the diameter of the laser spot can theoretically be less than 1um, and very fine machining can be performed.
  • Because the power density of laser machining is very high, it can reach more than 1u/cm-, and it can be made higher, so those materials that are difficult to be processed by previous methods can be processed by laser
  • Because the workpiece can be separated from the machining machine and the non-contact machining can be performed at an appropriate distance, the material will not be polluted, and the machining deformation and thermal deformation are also small;
  • By selecting appropriate machining conditions, the same device can be used for drilling and welding;
  • It can be processed through a transparent body. 

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