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Ceramic Roughness Machining

Ceramic Roughness Machining Service

Ceramic Roughness Machining Service

Surface roughness means that the surface of ceramic parts after molding and sintering will leave many uneven peaks and valleys, and the surface is processed by ceramic processing equipment such as internal and external cylindrical grinders and centerless grinders. For the surface of ceramic parts with requirements for coordination or relative motion, the Ra value is required to be small. The smaller the Ra value, the higher the surface quality and the higher the processing cost. In the case of meeting the requirements of use, a larger Ra value should be selected as much as possible to reduce the cost. The highest surface roughness of Pintejin ceramic machining shop can reach Ra0.05, which is mirror finish.

Commonly used ceramic surface roughness processing methods:

  1. Rough Surface: Planing, milling, etc. Applicable non-contact surfaces: such as chamfering, drilling, etc.
  2. Inner Hole Surface Machining: Using drum polishing machine, vibration polishing machine, internal grinding equipment, etc.
  3. The Smoothest Surface (Mirror Surface): Using grinding, mirror grinding, ultra-fine grinding, etc.

ceramic surface roughness machining

The Precision Of We Can Ceramic Roughness Machining  :

The Dimensional Accuracy Of Roughness Machining(In Pintejin) Roughness Machining Can Reach 0.001mm(In Pintejin)
Degree Of FinishingReachable Mirror
ConcentricityCeramic Roughness Machining up to 0.003mm
parallelismCeramic Roughness Machining Can reach 0.002mm
Bore ToleranceMachinable 0.005mm
straight grooveCan be machined to a groove width of 0.1×100mm
Thickness dimensionCan be processed to 0.3mm
ThreadMachinable internal thread M2, external thread is not limited
CylindricityCan reach 0.004mm
Linear toleranceCan reach 0.001mm
Minimum apertureMachinable 0.5mm (open mold 0.1mm)
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