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Wear-Resistant Zirconia Ceramic Plunger

The ceramic plunger and ceramic pump valve are high-tech ceramic products. The microporous structure obtained by the unique processing method has self-lubricating effect, which changes the sliding friction and lubrication mechanism of the traditional plunger pump. The surface of the pump and valve cavity is made of fluid. The structure has no dead ends and grooves; the surface of the inner cavity and the surface of the plunger are processed to a mirror surface by an advanced high-precision internal and external cylindrical grinder, and the outer surface is vibrated and polished, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection. The matching accuracy between the shaft core and the outer casing can reach 0.001 mm, the finish can reach the mirror effect; at the same time, the ceramic plunger has the remarkable characteristics of low surface roughness, low friction resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., which can increase the service life of the metal plunger by 5-10 times.

  • Product Name: Wear-Resistant Zirconia Ceramic Plunger
  • Machining accuracy: 0.005mm
  • Whether to customize: can be customized according to drawings
  • Roughness: 0.05μm
  • Material Composition: Zirconia Ceramic

Provide drawings (format: CAD, PDF, JPG, step, etc.) or samples. Information includes: quantity, material, precision tolerance, surface treatment and special requirements.Our company can modify or design the drawings appropriately according to customer needs. You can directly send the drawings to [email protected] and notify by phone or information.

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