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Zirconia ceramic sintering adopts recrystallized silicon carbide setter plate

Zirconia ceramic sintering adopts recrystallized silicon carbide setter plate

The sintering temperature of zirconia ceramics is very high when the recrystallized silicon carbide setter is used for production. high;

The working temperature of the recrystallized silicon carbide setter plate can reach 1650 ℃; the thermal shock resistance is excellent and the best setter plate; but because the main component of the silicon carbide setter plate is SIC+SIO2;

Among them, the SIO2 in the recrystallized silicon carbide setter plate cannot be completely obtained from the group, so some SIO2 still exists in the form of crystalline;

Due to the relatively high activity of SIO2, when SIO2 encounters all substances that can be combined at high temperature, it will immediately combine reaction or pollute the burning product;

Therefore, the zirconia ceramics will still be polluted when the recrystallized silicon carbide setter is selected;


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