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Zirconia ceramic shaft standard parts

Zirconia ceramic shaft standard parts

Zirconia ceramic shaft standard parts refer to the commonly used zirconia ceramic shafts that have been completely standardized in structure, size, drawing method, marking and other aspects, and are produced by professional factories. They have light structure, good electrical insulation performance and small thermal expansion coefficient. , Non-magnetic, non-conductive, high speed, low noise, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, acid, alkali, salt corrosion, non-toxic, dimensional stability under high temperature and other characteristics.

It works under harsh lubrication conditions and has excellent dry running performance. It can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation, automobile, machine tool, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, textile, medicine, scientific research and military technology. International advanced level of new material high-tech products.

After years of research and development of Pintejin zirconia ceramics, the company has established a complete range of zirconia ceramic shaft powder preparation, zirconia ceramic shaft isostatic voltage forming, zirconia ceramic shaft atmosphere protection sintering, and zirconia ceramic shaft products ultra-finishing. process system. Various precision grades of zirconia ceramic shafts can be produced according to international standards, national standards or user requirements.

We take zirconium dioxide ceramic bearings as our leading products, which can be processed or ordered according to user needs. At the same time, we also produce the following products in batches:

  • Atmospheric pressure sintered zirconia ceramic mechanical seals, sliding bearings, sandblasting nozzles, and textile wear-resistant parts.
  • Atmospheric pressure sintered zirconia ceramic gauge blocks, sliding bearings, Vall, instrument probes, bearing standard parts, micrometer probes, scissors, knife plungers, gears, battery molds, wire drawing molds and other mechanical structural parts.
  • Atmospheric pressure sintering high-purity (99%) alumina ceramic sandblasting nozzles, welding nozzles, mechanical seals, and textile wear-resistant parts.
  • We provide professional technical guidance for zirconia ceramic materials customized by our company.
  • The zirconia ceramics produced by our company all meet international technical standards, providing users with a strong technical guarantee.
  • The zirconia ceramic products produced by Pintejin are delivered on time in strict accordance with the contract standards.

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