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Introduction to the insulation of ceramics

Introduction to the insulation of ceramics

Many people will ask is ceramics a conductor? Is ceramic insulating? Let Pintejin Zirconia Ceramic Factory answer everyone: Ceramics are not conductors. The insulation properties of ceramics are introduced below.

Insulating ceramics, also known as device ceramics, are ceramic materials used in electronic equipment to install, fix, support, protect, insulate, isolate and connect various radio components and devices.

Insulated zirconia ceramic tube

To be an excellent insulating ceramic, it must have the following properties:

  • 1. High volume resistivity ≥1012Ω·m;
  • 2. Small relative permittivity εr≤30;
  • 3. Loss factor tgδ ≤0.001;
  • 4. High dielectric strength ≥500kV/cm, good thermal conductivity: thermal conductivity is 24~28W/m·K; corrosion resistance, no deformation, can be used in the temperature range of -55℃~+860℃; good mechanical Properties; Coefficient of thermal expansion as consistent as possible with semiconductor materials.

Insulation mechanism of insulating ceramics. In the solid energy band, the fully filled band is called the full band, the one not occupied by electrons is called the conduction band, and the gap between the filled band and the conduction band is called the forbidden band.If the forbidden band width is large enough (a few eV or more), it is difficult for the electrons in the full band to be excited and go beyond the forbidden band into the conduction band, that is, it is considered that the electrons can hardly migrate, then the solid is a typical insulator

Alumina ceramics are not conductors – insulating circuit substrates

Main application: Integrated circuit substrate Development trend of electronic devices: Development of electronic equipment miniaturization technology In the circuit, the substrate also has the function of dissipating heat.

The requirements of the circuit for the substrate include: high flatness and smoothness; good electrical properties; high thermal conductivity; thermal expansion coefficient matching with other materials; good mechanical properties; high stability; good machining performance; cheap price.


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