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Features of Fluid Zirconia Ceramic Dispensing Valve

Features of Fluid Zirconia Ceramic Dispensing Valve

The fluid zirconia ceramic dispensing valve mainly solves the automatic fluid control scheme, and is also a major breakthrough in industrial automation equipment. It matches different fluid dispensing valves for different viscous fluid materials, glue output requirements, and accuracy.

The automatic integration of zirconia is very important, which solves many problems for many enterprise users, such as shortage of personnel and labor, low efficiency of manual dispensing operation, low qualified rate of products, large waste of fluid raw materials, etc., which improves the product quality and production capacity of enterprises, reduces the In view of the production cost and manufacturing cost, only continuous research and development innovation and intensive cultivation can we pursue high-quality, high-speed, high-precision fluid dispensing valves. The inlet of the fluid dispensing valve is mainly composed of zirconia and alumina ceramics.

The internal structure of the fluid zirconia ceramic dispensing valve is divided into: thimble type, back suction type, plunger type, diaphragm type, and the shape structure is: square, cylindrical.

Commonly used thimble-type adjustable fluid dispensing valve is suitable for water-like fluid materials with good fluidity and low viscosity, such as grease, adhesive, alcohol, UV glue, oil, etc. Related parameters:

Type: Double-acting thimble type Working air pressure: 4-7Kgf/cm Minimum discharge volume: 0.01ml Operating viscosity: 1-1.000.000cps Thimble type adjustable fluid dispensing valve Body material: Zirconia ceramics

Inlet size: 1/8″npt(f) Flow adjustment: yes Dimensions (mm): (D)21*21*(H)130 cube weight: 188g Commonly used back suction fluid dispensing valve is suitable for poor fluidity , medium and high viscosity fluid materials, such as epoxy resin, silica gel, yellow glue, etc., related parameters: type: double action back suction working air pressure: 4-7Kgf/cm minimum spit volume: 0.01ml operating viscosity: 1-1.000.000cps

Back suction fluid dispensing valve body material: zirconia toughened alumina ceramic Inlet size: 1/4″npt(f) Dimensions (mm): (D)30*30*(H)145 cube weight : 408g

Commonly used plunger type fluid ceramic dispensing valves are suitable for fluids with good fluidity and medium viscosity, such as milky white glue, paint, etc. Relevant parameters: Type: Single-acting plunger suction type Working pressure: 4-7Kgf/cm

Minimum Dispense Volume: 0.01ml Operating Viscosity: 1-1.000.000cps Plunger Type Fluid Dispensing Valve Body Material: Zirconia Ceramic Inlet Size: 1/8″npt(f)

Dimensions (mm): ¢30*(H)120 Cylindrical Weight: 206g Commonly used diaphragm fluid dispensing valve is suitable for quick-drying glue, anaerobic glue, etc. Related parameters:

Type: single-action diaphragm type Working air pressure: 4-7Kgf/cm Minimum discharge volume: 0.01ml Operating viscosity: 1-1.000.000cps diaphragm type fluid dispensing valve

Main body material: zirconia ceramic Inlet size: 1/8″npt(f) Flow adjustment: yes Dimensions (mm): ¢25×(H)105mm Cylindrical weight: 120g


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