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What are the advantages of zirconia ceramic high temperature insulating parts?

What are the advantages of zirconia ceramic high temperature insulating parts?

Zirconia ceramic performance: pure ZrO2 is white, yellow or gray when it contains impurities, and generally contains HfO2. It is not easy to separate, so what are the advantages of zirconia ceramic high temperature insulating parts?

Advantages of zirconia ceramic high temperature insulating parts

  • 1. Due to the high hardness of zirconia ceramics, it can be made into cold forming tools, shaping dies, wire drawing dies, cutting tools, grinding media, golf club heads, etc.
  • 2 Zirconia ceramics have high strength and good toughness, so they can be used to manufacture engine components, such as push rods, connecting rods, bearing cylinder liners, piston caps, etc.
  • 3. Zirconia ceramics also have semiconducting and sensitive properties, and can be made into solid electrolyte membranes for high-temperature fuel cells, probes for measuring oxygen in molten steel, and sensors for the concentration of oxygen in gas.
  • 4. Due to the stable inertness of zirconia ceramics, good corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance, it can be used to make high-performance setter kiln furniture in the firing process of electronic ceramics, that is, electronic setter plates.
  • 5. Because zirconia ceramics have good chemical stability, high hardness and toughness, they can also be widely used as bioceramics for human body components such as artificial teeth and bones.

Zirconia ceramic parts are used in various fields of life, and user feedback on the quality and performance of zirconia ceramic parts is also very good.

In addition to some zirconia ceramic pieces of different shapes, zirconia ceramic rods are also a common form of product in life, and they all need to be fully mastered in order to be better used in life.

To use zirconia ceramic parts, the first thing to do is to test the performance of zirconia ceramic parts, to ensure that all aspects of zirconia ceramics can meet the standards and specifications, and put into use in a qualified state.

The above are the advantages of zirconia ceramic high-temperature insulating parts brought to you by Pintejin Ceramics. Pintejin Ceramics is a manufacturer specializing in the production and machining of ceramics, focusing on the machining of alumina ceramic parts and zirconia ceramics, and can process ceramic products according to your needs. .


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