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Powder Metallurgy Dies

Pintejin Ceramic Machining Shop uses powder metallurgy dies technology to replace traditional silicone molds and machining processes to produce ceramic parts, which has the advantages of high material utilization, uniform structure, high precision parts manufacturing, light weight, wear resistance, etc. And same time,reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

What Is Powder Metallurgy Dies

The mold technology of powder metallurgy is the key technology for the production and development of powder metallurgy mechanical parts. The level of mold life not only affects product quality, but also affects production efficiency and production cost.

With the rapid development of machinery, electronics, national defense and other industries, the superiority of powder metallurgy mold forming technology in the production of high-quality, high-yield and low-consumption mechanical parts is prominent. Especially in the current situation of the rapid development of the electronics and automobile industries, the development of industrial products has higher and higher requirements for molds.

The powder metallurgy mold has requirements on the charging ratio and the uniformity of the structure and density of the pressed blank, so in addition to the cavity design of the mold, in the design of the overall mold and the mold base, mechanical design or The relevant structures in the mold design, they are combined with the press and mold forming parts and connecting parts to meet the forming requirements of the powder metallurgy mold.

Since there are many powder pressing methods, powder pressing dies are also varied. According to different pressing methods, it can be divided into: pressing dies, finishing dies, compound pressing dies, forging dies and so on.

The basic principles of powder metallurgy mold design are:

What Is Powder Metallurgy Dies

  • Give full play to the process characteristics of less powder metallurgy, no cutting processing and near-form forming to ensure that the blank meets the three basic requirements of geometry and size, precision and surface roughness, density and distribution, whether it is a pressing die, a finishing die, etc. , recompression die, forging die are required.
  • Among them, especially the density and distribution of pressed blanks and forged blanks are the main technical indicators in die design;
  • Reasonable design of mold structure and selection of mold materials, so that mold parts have high enough strength, rigidity and hardness, high wear resistance and service life, to meet the requirements of high-pressure working container safe, reliable and easy to operate;

At the same time, pay attention to the machinability and interchangeability of the mold structure and mold parts, and reduce the cost of mold manufacturing. The design steps and basic methods are as follows:

  • First of all, understand and master the relevant design data, as an important basis for mold design;
  • Secondly, carry out material design and process design according to product requirements, carry out green compact design or preform design according to product drawings, select press and pressing method, and design mold structure sketch;
  • Then take the blank size as the basic basis, consider the size changes in the process, calculate the size of the main mold parts separately, generally first calculate the size directly related to the mold cavity, and then calculate the size of other mold parts according to the mold assembly relationship;
  • Finally, draw the mold assembly drawing and part drawing, according to the different working requirements of various molds, mark the dimensional deviation and geometric tolerance, and select the mold material and technical requirements.

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