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Magnetic Material Mold And Dies

Pintejin is a professional manufacturer of powder metallurgy molds. We specialize in carbide tungsten steel ball tooth molds, CNC blade molds, power tool powder metallurgy molds, automotive powder metallurgy molds and 5G filter ceramic dielectric molds. The company was established in 2007, formerly known as Pintejin Group, specializing in the production of stamping molds, began to make plastic/stamping/powder metallurgy molds in 2014, and formally established Dongguan Pintejin Mold Technology Co., Ltd. in 2007, focusing on powder metallurgy molds;

The company has 42 high-end machine tools (such as: Makino & Sodick electric discharge machine; West & Sodick & Makino wire walking; Rhodes high-speed machine; Optical curve grinder, etc.), 9 sets of high-precision testing equipment (such as: Zeiss Three-dimensional, Nikon projector, letter 2.5-dimensional, etc.). We have a professional technical team, and the core backbone of the technical team has 17 years of industry work experience. We have a rigorous process from mold design, mold making to mold testing.


Aluminum Nitride Ceramic LED Lighting Parts
Custom Silicon Carbide Ceramic Support
Temperature-Resistant Zirconia Ceramic Bearings