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Powder Structural Parts Mould

Pintejin company mainly produces and manages precision powder metallurgy molds, precision electronic molds, and auto parts. It integrates design, production and maintenance. The main products are: mold metallurgy oil-impregnated bearing mold, powder metallurgy structural part mold, powder metallurgy gear mold, magnetic powder metallurgy mold, precision ceramic powder mold, all kinds of precision tungsten steel mold, electronic mechanism related Accessories (fixtures, jigs, inspection tools) and other precision mechanical parts, etc. Products are mainly used in automobiles, motorcycles, power tools, pneumatic tools, home appliances, precision electronic products and other industries.

Pintejin’s current equipment includes Charmilles mirror spark machines, Charmilles slow wire cutting machines, Qunji spark machines, Japan’s Okamoto precision surface grinders, Beier’s high-precision internal and external cylindrical grinders, lathes, milling machines, polishing machines, etc. Testing equipment includes Japan Mitutoyo (CRYSTA-APEXS574) automatic three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument (with Renishaw scanning probe, gear measurement software, surface scanning software, CAD comparison software), Japan Mitutoyo (HL-600) two-dimensional measuring instrument GROHE, Japan Mitutoyo (RA-120P) roundness meter, Japan Mitutoyo (SJ-411) roughness meter, Japan Mitutoyo (CV-3200S4) profiler, Japan Mitutoyo (PL-A3010F-100) projector and other high-precision testing equipment. The mold precision can be controlled within 0.5um, the concentricity is within 0.5um, the matching clearance can be within 5um, and the finish of key parts is within 0.2um.


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