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AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible

As a material with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent thermal conductivity, aluminum nitride is the first choice for crucible materials in many industries. AlN aluminum nitride ceramic crucibles are a main series of products of Pintejin Ceramics. At present, we can open molds in batches and customize one piece, and the specifications and dimensions of the products can be customized flexibly and quickly.

Aluminum nitride crucibles can withstand temperatures of about 1300°C in air without bulk oxidation, although the process begins after 700°C. In vacuum, AlN decomposes at 1800 °C. AlN melts at 2200°C with inert atmosphere protection. Generally speaking, the working temperature of AlN products is 800°C in air, 1700°C in vacuum and 2100°C in inert atmosphere.

As a major supplier of customized advanced ceramic materials in Guangdong, Pintejin works closely with manufacturers of raw materials and ceramic processing capabilities to provide high-quality aluminum nitride products at an efficient cost. We continue to supply large-scale AlN crucibles to several leading companies, universities and research institutes. Please feel free to send us your crucible drawings and request a quote.

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AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible
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