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Zirconia Ceramic Positioning Dowel

Zirconia Ceramic Positioning Dowel and locating pins of other materials have the same function, they are used to limit the displacement of objects, and play the role of locating certain two connectors. However, although the functions are the same, the application environment is different. The parts where the metal positioning dowel are applied often need to bear relatively large deformation forces; while the ceramic positioning pins do not need to bear too much load, but they have to bear the anti-corrosion force. , Resist strong acid and alkali, etc. Therefore, the application fields of metal positioning pins and ceramic positioning pins are actually very different. At present, ceramic positioning pins are mainly used in petrochemical, deep-sea oilfield mining and other fields with more complex use environments.

  • Pintejin is a professional ceramic positioning dowel manufacturer, we produce zirconia ceramic positioning dowel, silicon nitride positioning pins, alumina ceramic positioning pins, etc. The products of Pintejin Ceramics are mainly zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, and the application fields are also very broad, including:
  • Engine rotors, hot-pressed piston tops, reactive sintering burners, spark plugs, cylinder liners and other precision parts have good thermal shock resistance and are used as thermowells, ceramic positioning dowel, casting molds, crucibles, furnaces, burners, heater fixtures , furnace lining, aluminum liquid conduits, valves, etc.;
  • Good corrosion resistance, used as chemical ball valve, sealing ring, filter, heat exchanger parts, etc.; good wear resistance, used as bearing ball, roller, seat ring, high temperature bolt, plunger pump, sealing materials, etc.;
  • Used as circuit substrates, film capacitors, high temperature insulators, radomes, spacers, etc. in the electronics, military and nuclear industries.

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