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MACOR Machinable Ceramic Parts

MACOR® machinable glass ceramics is a high-performance, free-cutting special ceramics invented by Corning Corporation of the United States. It solves the problem that ceramics cannot be processed by milling cutters and improves machining progress efficiency. Currently MACOR machinable ceramics have become a technical solution for a wide range of industrial applications.Pintejin is a professional precision machining enterprise for special ceramics. We have accumulated a wealth of processing technology resources for MACOR machinable ceramics, and can provide users with three-axis, four-axis and precision five-axis components cnc machining. We have a professional technical team and advanced CNC machine tools, fast delivery and high quality.

  • Product Name: MACOR Machinable Ceramic Parts
  • Machining accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Whether to customize: can be customized according to drawings
  • Roughness: 0.1μm
  • Material Composition: Macor

Provide drawings (format: CAD, PDF, JPG, step, etc.) or samples. Information includes: quantity, material, precision tolerance, surface treatment and special requirements.Our company can modify or design the drawings appropriately according to customer needs. You can directly send the drawings to [email protected] and notify by phone or information.


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