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Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heating Shaped Block

Aluminum nitride ceramic special-shaped blocks are often used on mechanical heating components to dissipate heat from heating components. This product is made of high-purity imported aluminum nitride material through multiple processes, and has excellent thermal conductivity. The machining accuracy of the aluminum nitride ceramic special-shaped block can be controlled within ±0.01mm, and the flatness is within 0.005mm. We can also customize products with higher precision according to the needs of users.

  • Product Name: Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heating Shaped Block
  • Machining accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Whether to customize: can be customized according to drawings
  • Roughness: 0.8μm
  • Material Composition: Aluminum Nitride Ceramic

Provide drawings (format: CAD, PDF, JPG, step, etc.) or samples. Information includes: quantity, material, precision tolerance, surface treatment and special requirements.Our company can modify or design the drawings appropriately according to customer needs. You can directly send the drawings to [email protected] and notify by phone or information.

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