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Zirconia Ceramic Fishing Crimping Pliers

Zirconia ceramic lure pliers are often used in lure fishing. They have the functions of taking hooks, lifting fish, cutting lines, breaking steel wires, breaking fish hooks, pressing and biting lead, and clamping lines. most of the problems that arise.The ceramic lure pliers can cut the line, and the pickaxe is used to open double loops to replace the hooks of fake lures. It also has the function of biting lead and clamps, and can safely remove the hook on the fish mouth.The ceramic lure pliers are equipped with an elastic lanyard and a pliers sleeve attached to the waist. It is very convenient to use and can prevent accidental loss of the pliers from falling into the water and reducing the loss of fishing tools.

Ordinary lure pliers with a flat mouth cannot be used as a fish controller. When the fish mouth is clamped with force, it is easy to break the fish mouth and the normal running fish. The hook shape at the front end can temporarily replace the fish controller. Ceramic lure pliers are basically multifunctional functional pliers in design. The wire trimming is suitable for various types of fishing lines, such as nylon wire, carbon wire, PE wire and so on.To pick ordinary barbed fish hooks, you can consider using long-mouth lure pliers. If the fish is swallowed too deep, you can only consider using a special hook.When fishing, you need to use various tools reasonably, which can improve the efficiency of fishing and avoid unnecessary losses.

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