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Alumina-based ceramic knives

Alumina-based ceramic knives

The emergence and development of engineering ceramic cutting tools have raised the cutting technology to a new level. Ceramic tools were developed in the 1950s. The hardness of the tool material is 93HRA-94HRA, the bending strength is 800-1000MPa, and it can be cut normally at a high temperature of 1200-1300 °C.

Alumina-based ceramic cutting tools were successfully developed in the 1960s and put into use in the 1970s. They are also one of the most widely used ceramic cutting tools at home and abroad. Since Shandong University began to develop alumina-carbide series composite ceramic tools in the 1980s, it has achieved remarkable results, and its mechanical properties have reached the international advanced level. The material knife has high wear resistance and cutting edge stability, especially suitable for high-speed cutting, giving full play to its hot hardness. At present, it is mainly used for fine turning of gray cast iron and steel, and can obtain very good surface quality. For example, the CC650 ceramic tool introduced by Sandvik Company of Sweden and the Widalox ceramic tool produced by Widia Company of Germany belong to this category. Flank wear is minimal and surface roughness values ​​are low.

Alumina Ceramic Knives

At present, the research on multiphase alumina composite tool materials has involved various oxides, nitrides, carbides and boride ceramics, and great progress has been made in both material properties and applications. Adding zirconia to alumina can further improve the fracture toughness and strength of alumina ceramic tool materials by utilizing its phase transformation toughening mechanism. At present, Sweden’s CC620, Germany’s SN60 and SN80, and the United States’ CerMaxt460 and other tool grades are all zirconia transformation toughened alumina ceramic tools.

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