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0.01mm Precision Alumina Ceramic Tube

Alumina ceramic tube, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high temperature resistance, strong wear resistance, reasonable price, trustworthy, super standard, quality assurance, durable, does not affect customer trust, Pintejin is a professional manufacturer of various

  • Product Name: Alumina Ceramic Crucible Holder
  • Machining accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Whether to customize: can be customized according to drawings
  • Roughness: 0.1μm
  • Material Composition: Alumina Ceramic

Provide drawings (format: CAD, PDF, JPG, step, etc.) or samples. Information includes: quantity, material, precision tolerance, surface treatment and special requirements.Our company can modify or design the drawings appropriately according to customer needs. You can directly send the drawings to [email protected] and notify by phone or information.

The response time for quotation is given in ten minutes at the fastest and 24 hours at the slowest, except for special circumstances, to ensure that customers who receive drawings or samples can receive timely responses.


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