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What Are The Non-Standard Ceramic Parts

What Are The Non-Standard Ceramic Parts

What Are The Non-Standard Ceramic Parts

Ceramic Rods

Due to the different use of each client station, a variety of different sizes of ceramic rods will be extended. This part can be produced according to the needs of each household.

Ceramic Screw

Machines and equipment in the semiconductor and optoelectronic industries need to use corrosive chemicals with high acidity and alkalinity. The screws used in the machine also need to consider whether they can resist acid and alkali corrosion. Therefore, many screws in the machine are made of ceramic screws. .

Focus Ring

It is mainly used in etching machines in the semiconductor and optoelectronic industries, so the machine is also in contact with chemicals for a long time. Therefore, most manufacturers of parts will use ceramics or quartz. The quartz part is less resistant to collision than ceramics. Status, the chance to cause problems. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are known to use ceramics.


It plays the role of chemical gas input and output in semiconductor machine equipment. Because it needs to be in contact with chemical gas for a long time, it must have the function of acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, so as to avoid damage to the machine equipment due to its corrosion. The corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance of engineering ceramic parts are just suitable for use.

Upper And Lower Protection Ring

The non-magnetic function of the ceramic itself is just in line with the use of the guard ring in the semiconductor machine to prevent noise interference. Because the size of the machine is different, the size part will also be different. This part can be produced according to the needs of each household.

Mechanical Arm

Because chemical agents are often used in semiconductor equipment, the products produced by the equipment must be able to be transferred to the next station, so the product of the robot arm is created. In order to avoid the chemical reaction of the chemical agent in the machine to the robot arm, many manufacturers have begun to use the robot arm produced by ceramics.

Bell Jar

It will be used in the reactor system, and the plasma or chemical gas will sometimes stay here. Therefore, special attention should be paid to acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance when using the material of the bell jar. Therefore, there are many bell jars used in semiconductor equipment. Made of ceramic material, the outer surface of the bell can also be covered with other metal materials. Or our metal bell can do ceramic surface treatment.

Compression Ring

Used in the front-end process equipment of the optoelectronic industry, it will be exposed to chemicals for a long time, and the ceramic material can avoid the phenomenon of corrosion caused by long-term contact with chemicals.