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Which features and advantages of alumina ceramics are the most significant?

Which features and advantages of alumina ceramics are the most significant?

Alumina ceramics is the most common ceramic material in many industrial ceramics. It has many characteristics and properties and can be used in all walks of life. The following Pintejin Ceramics Factory will introduce the most significant characteristics of alumina ceramics.

  • 1. Alumina ceramics have good high temperature resistance characteristics, and are a kind of high temperature resistant ceramics with very high mechanical strength and very good conductivity. However, it should be noted that when washing the ceramic, it should be washed with ultrasonic waves, and other items should not be used for cleaning, because it is a very special material. Alumina wear-resistant ceramic plate
  • 2. Very light weight. The density of alumina ceramics is very small, its density is 3.5 grams per cubic centimeter, and its density is only half of that of steel. Usually, in the case of the same volume, the mass of alumina ceramics is only half of that of steel, which shows that it is very light. Therefore, when in use, the load of the equipment can be greatly reduced, so that other equipment can work without any pressure. On the one hand, the work efficiency is improved, and on the other hand, the failure rate of the equipment is reduced. , thereby reducing the production cost of the enterprise.
  • 3. It has very good wear resistance. The wear resistance of alumina ceramics is more than two hundred times that of manganese steel. Therefore, under the same conditions, it can significantly extend the service life of equipment, even up to ten years.
  • 4. The hardness is very large. According to the measurement structure of relevant institutions, the hardness of alumina ceramics is only inferior to that of diamond. It can be seen that its hardness is incomparable with other materials.

It can be seen that alumina ceramic has good wear resistance, and its hardness is very high. At the same time, its quality is very light, and it can also be used as a special material. When used, it can greatly improve the production efficiency and prolong other The service life of the equipment is a very beneficial point for enterprises.



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