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What are the performance characteristics of wear-resistant ceramic rods?

What are the performance characteristics of wear-resistant ceramic rods?

Ceramic rods are generally made of highly wear-resistant zirconia ceramics and alumina ceramics. So what are the specific characteristics of these wear-resistant ceramic rods? The following Pintejin Ceramics Factory will tell you about it.

The performance characteristics of wear-resistant ceramic rods are:

High hardness: Its Rockwell hardness is HRA80-90, which is only slightly lower than that of diamond, but compared with wear-resistant steel and stainless steel, the hardness is far beyond the two.

Good wear resistance: it can prolong the life of the equipment, up to ten times more.

Wear-resistant ceramic rods Light weight: The weight is only the average of steel, which can greatly reduce the load on the equipment.

Good adhesion and heat resistance: even under high temperature conditions, it can run for a long time without falling off.

Zirconia ceramics have good chemical resistance, especially alkali resistance, and most of them have good adhesion, toughness and softness to various substrates, and are also resistant to water. If zirconia is combined with organosiloxane, the properties of zirconia can be changed and improved.

At the same time, the inorganic filler used has some advantages, such as high hardness, good wear resistance, and more importantly, it does not react with zirconia, and during the curing process, no new substances are produced, which can It is closely combined with zirconia to form a dense protective layer, so it is very advantageous in terms of wear resistance and hardness.



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