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What are the factors that cause the cracking of alumina ceramics?

What are the factors that cause the cracking of alumina ceramics?

The application of alumina ceramics in the current society has exceeded our imagination. It not only meets our daily use, but also meets various special requirements. So what are the factors that cause the cracking of alumina ceramics? Come down and introduce Pintejin Ceramics to you.


99 alumina ceramic material has high hardness, high strength, low expansion coefficient, insulation, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and has a wide range of applications in machinery manufacturing, aerospace, precision instruments, petrochemical and other fields.


However, alumina ceramic materials generally have a large elastic modulus, high hardness, high brittleness, and strong crack sensitivity. Therefore, the difficulty of machining is mainly manifested in machining hardness and machining brittleness.


Brittleness of alumina ceramic parts machining: Usually, the microstructure of alumina ceramics is equiaxed grains, which are polycrystalline structures composed of ionic bonds or covalent bonds, so the fracture toughness is low, and the effect of external loads is low. Down.


Stress will cause fine cracks on the surface of industrial ceramics, and the cracks will expand rapidly and cause brittle fractures. Therefore, in the process of machining and cutting alumina ceramic parts, the phenomenon of chipping often occurs, that is, small cracks appear on the surface of industrial ceramics. Gap.


The reason for the collapse

  • (1) The final separation of the cut part and the machined surface of ceramic parts is caused by tensile failure, which is not the result of normal cutting.
  • (2) Cracks caused by chipping and cutting deformation generally crack down along the surface of the workpiece. At this time, due to the cutting tensile stress, the cutting and the bonded workpiece matrix are peeled off together to form a chipping phenomenon.


The above are the factors that lead to the cracking of alumina ceramics brought by Pintejin Ceramics. Pintejin Ceramics is a manufacturer specializing in the production and machining of ceramics, focusing on the machining of alumina ceramic parts and zirconia ceramics, and can process ceramic products according to your needs. .

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