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The Use And Maintenance Method Of Precision Ceramic Needle Gauge

The Use And Maintenance Method Of Precision Ceramic Needle Gauge

Precision ceramic needle gauges are widely used because of their excellent surface properties such as flame retardant, good fire resistance, and no melting. They are the nemesis of most acid-base items and other chemicals. When using and maintaining and machining precision ceramic needle gauges What problems should we pay attention to? Nuoyi Precision Ceramics will share with you:

The use of precision ceramic needle gauge:

  • 1. Hold the measured part in the left hand and the ceramic needle gauge in the right hand, and at the same time align the circular hole of the part with the vertical, gently and slowly insert it. Measurement data;
  • 2. Before use, you need to check the measuring surface of the needle gauge, and there must be no rust, scratches, black spots, etc.; and the mark of the needle gauge should be correct and clear.

Maintenance of precision ceramic needle gauge:

  • 1. Because the needle gauge is a precision measuring tool, it needs to be handled with care when using it, and its working surface should not be bumped.
  • 2. After each use of the needle gauge, wipe the surface of the plug gauge immediately with a clean soft cloth or fine cotton yarn. After applying a thin layer of anti-rust oil, put it in a special box for storage and dryness.
  • 3. The needle gauge shall be periodically verified, and the verification period shall be determined by the relevant measurement department. It is precisely because the use and maintenance of ceramic needle gauges are cumbersome that they cannot be treated arbitrarily. Whether it is before, during or after use, the use and maintenance methods of ceramic needle gauges should be strictly followed. I believe that after reading so much, you should not know how to use the precision ceramic needle gauge correctly? Doubt it.