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High Frequency Insulation Ceramic Luer Pliers

Ceramic lure pliers are professional ceramic accessories designed for some problems encountered in lure fishing, which can effectively, safely and conveniently solve some common problems.

High Frequency Insulation Ceramic Lure Pliers are suitable for all kinds of fishing lines, such as nylon line, carbon line, PE line, etc. The jaws and pickaxes of ceramic lure pliers are used to open double loops to replace fake lures with hooks. Most lure pliers have the function of biting lead and clamps.

And after the fish is caught, the hook on the mouth of the fish can be safely removed with lure pliers. There are also some lure pliers equipped with elastic lanyards, which are connected to the pliers sleeve on the waist, which is not only convenient for the angler to use, but also prevents accidental loss of the pliers.

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