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Macor Ultra High Vacuum Lens Holder

Macor is an engineering ceramic material with superior performance. It is composed of two main components, fluorocrystalline mica and borosilicate glass. It has good cnc machining characteristics and belongs to the category of “machinable ceramics”. Macor has the characteristics of “0 porosity” and “0 outgassing rate”. Even if it is placed in an ultra-high vacuum environment of 10-10pa, it can do 0 outgassing. Therefore, this material is required in many ultra-high vacuum test processes.

The macor ultra-high vacuum lens holder is a ceramic accessory used for ultra-high vacuum environment testing.

  • Machining accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Roughness: Ra0.8um (can be polished to Ra0.05um)

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Macor Ultra High Vacuum Lens Holder
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