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Introduction of Alumina Ceramic Grouting

Introduction of Alumina Ceramic Grouting

Grouting is actually the earliest molding method used for alumina ceramics. Because it mainly uses gypsum molds, it will be cheaper in cost and easier to shape. Even if the size and shape are more complex, it is easier to shape, but The most critical thing for grouting is the production equipment of alumina slurry. Normally, water is used as the main medium of the solvent, and then the binder and debonding agent will be added. After sufficient grinding, the air is exhausted. Pour it into a plaster mold.

Introduction of Alumina Ceramic Grouting

The capillary of the gypsum mold will absorb the water, and the slurry will be solidified in the gypsum mold relatively quickly. When hollow grouting is performed, if the mold wall has requirements for the thickness of the adsorbent paddle, it is necessary to put excess However, in order to reduce the amount of shrinkage of the green body, we should try to use a relatively high concentration of slurry.

Of course, it is necessary to add appropriate additives to the alumina ceramic slug, mainly to enable the particles of the slug to form a relatively stable suspension on the surface without sinking. In addition, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of seaweed. Other binders such as acid amine, methyl cellulose and vinyl alcohol, or dispersants such as gum arabic and polyacrylamine, are mainly used to make the paddle more suitable for the relevant requirements of grouting.



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