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How to identify the pros and cons of zirconia ceramic rods

How to identify the pros and cons of zirconia ceramic rods

Ceramic rods are very particular in the process of production and material selection. The produced ceramic rods are both good and bad, so how to identify the pros and cons of ceramic rods? Below Pintejin Ceramics Factory will give you an analysis.

Due to the lack of a certain understanding of ceramic rods, I do not know how to choose when purchasing, resulting in the quality of the final ceramic rods that do not meet the requirements. The following small series will introduce you to several methods of selecting ceramic rods, hoping to help you.

How to identify the pros and cons of zirconia ceramic rods

Fine zirconia ceramic rod The first is to verify the quality of the ceramic rod from the traces. While checking the surface quality, scrape the glaze of the ceramic rod with a hard object. If there are traces, it means that its quality is relatively poor. Secondly, it can be judged from the perspective of sound by the way of percussion. Generally, the sound of good ceramic rods is relatively crisp, because it has a relatively high degree of porcelain.

The flatness and color of the surface of the ceramic rod can also indicate quality, and it is best to look for pinholes, which can accumulate dirt. The last aspect is that the ceramic rod is placed in water. The lower its water absorption rate, the higher its internal stability, which can be used in some humid environments.



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