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How good the ceramic products are, just look at this

How good the ceramic products are, just look at this

Generally, ceramic materials are specially customized. The process technology, strict production line and process of machining according to the drawings provided by customers are also an esoteric knowledge in ceramic production.

How strong is the ceramic bulletproof board?

Ceramic custom

Personal protective equipment on the battlefield is especially important for soldiers. At critical moments, they may bring life to the wearer. Therefore, troops engaged in front-line operations will basically be equipped with complete protective equipment, including bulletproof helmets, bulletproof vests, etc.
In one operation, the special forces of the Afghan government forces had already deployed combat units under the 19th Special Forces Squadron of the US Army to fight against the government forces. During the battle, the soldier was immediately hit by a 7.62mm heavy machine gun bullet on the lower left arm of his back. This type of rifle bullet is extremely lethal and should have been fired by a general-purpose machine gun.
Under normal circumstances, such a fatal blow can be fatal on the spot. Fortunately, the weapons and equipment obtained by the Afghan special forces under the application of the North probably are still very, very good. During the operation, this soldier has been wearing military-grade body armor, and super-heavy porcelain bulletproof inserts have been modified on the front, rear, left and right sides. .

Realize the functionality of tiles

The key role of porcelain has long been close to the good situation, and various physical and organic chemical characteristics can already be considered customer requirements, and there is no way to improve it without improvement. Nowadays, the Internet hotspot of each company’s market competition depends on the decorative art performance. Just as the clothing’s cold protection and warmth, and the basic elements of covering do not improve the indoor space too much, the key to market competition is the decorative effect.
In recent years, the entire industry has mainly focused on size, the area has continued to expand, and the thickness has become thinner. The rapid application of automation makes intelligence possible, which will promote the standardization of ceramic raw materials. Ceramic color glaze materials look various, basically silicate materials, standardization is not so difficult, the key is how to reach a consensus in the industry.

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