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What is transparent zirconia ceramics?

What is transparent zirconia ceramics?

Generally ceramics are opaque, but optical ceramics are as transparent as glass, so they are called transparent ceramics. Generally, the reason why ceramics are opaque is that there are impurities and pores inside. The former can absorb light, and the latter can scatter light, so it is not transparent. Therefore, it is possible to obtain transparent ceramics if high-purity raw materials are selected and pores are eliminated by technological means.

What is transparent zirconia ceramics

Transparent zirconia ceramics have the advantages of high transmittance in the visible-mid-infrared band, excellent mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance, etc., and are the preferred materials for high temperature windows and infrared fairings. The production cost of zirconia ceramics is low, and it is easy to prepare large-sized special-shaped devices and ceramic parts. The preparation of high-quality transparent zirconia ceramics is increasingly important.

Zirconia ceramic rods are funded by the major research program of the National Foundation of China and the “Hundred Talents Program” project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. High-purity and high-sintering active zirconia ceramic ultrafine powder was synthesized at a low cost, and the zirconia ceramic disc (diameter 53mm) fired by ball milling, molding, pressureless sintering and other processes. The pass rate is 77.1% and 80.6% respectively.



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