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What factors will affect the use of ceramic nozzles?

What factors will affect the use of ceramic nozzles?

Ceramic nozzle is a very common type of sprinkler in agricultural sprinkler facilities. This nozzle has good wear resistance and good chemical resistance, and is very popular. So what factors will affect the use of ceramic nozzles? Next, Pintejin Ceramics will introduce to you.

Ceramic nozzles require maintenance, regular inspection, cleaning and even replacement in order to maintain the quality of the final product and maintain the economics of the production process. The manner and frequency of maintenance procedures depends on the application, and the maintenance schedule can be arranged according to the application, liquid and nozzle material.

Reasons affecting the use of ceramic nozzles

  • 1. Corrosion and wear: The material on the surface of the nozzle and inner flow channel of the ceramic nozzle gradually becomes larger or deformed, which in turn affects the flow, pressure and spray shape.
  • 2. Corrosion: The chemical action of the spray liquid or the environment causes corrosion to destroy the ceramic material.
  • 3. Blockage: Dirt or other impurities in the liquid block the mouth of the ceramic nozzle, thus limiting the flow of the ceramic nozzle and disturbing the spray shape and its uniformity.
  • 4. Bonding: splash, mist or chemical accumulation on the material inside or outside the edge of the ceramic nozzle orifice caused by the evaporation of the liquid, which can leave a dry solidified layer and block the ceramic nozzle orifice or the inner flow channel.
  • 5. Temperature damage: Overheating will have a certain damage effect on ceramic nozzle materials designed for non-high temperature applications.
  • 6. Improper installation: off-axis washers, over-tightening or other problems that change position can have adverse effects.
  • 7. Accidental damage: During installation and cleaning, the ceramic nozzle may be accidentally damaged due to the use of incorrect tools.

The above are the factors that Pintejin Ceramics brings to everyone that affects the use of ceramic nozzles. Pintejin Ceramics is a professional manufacturer of ceramics, focusing on the machining of alumina ceramic parts and zirconia ceramics, and can process ceramic products according to your needs.

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