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What factors will affect the price of industrial ceramic rods?

What factors will affect the price of industrial ceramic rods?

In recent years, industrial ceramic rods have been widely used, because they are high temperature resistant ceramics and have many advantages, they have been used in electronic appliances, aerospace, medical equipment and other industries, but different materials have different specifications and different technical requirements. The prices of different ceramic rods are different. Below, Pintejin Ceramics Factory will analyze which factors will affect the price?

What factors will affect the price of industrial ceramic rods

The first is the cost of raw materials. The concept of environmental protection has gradually taken root in the hearts of the people, and equipment with high efficiency and low pollution is increasingly welcomed by consumers. However, the raw materials used in this environmentally friendly ceramic rod are also relatively expensive, so the investment in the manufacturing cost is increased, resulting in an increase in the total cost of the finished product. In addition, due to the instability of the ceramic market, the prices of zirconia and alumina raw materials are unstable. Zirconia ceramic rods are secondly affected by the type of product. The types of ceramic rods are zirconia ceramic rods, ceramic center rods and alumina ceramic rods, etc. Different types have different scopes and functions. Since some parts will be different, the materials and technologies used are also different, which results in different prices of different types of ceramic rods. Users should choose the appropriate ceramic rod according to their own needs, and cannot blindly choose ceramic rods just by looking at the price.

It will also be affected by the level of technology. As a commonly used industrial ceramic product, the application of advanced technology is a necessary means to strengthen competitiveness. The technical content directly determines the quality of the ceramic rod. Many well-known manufacturers invest a lot in technology research and development, so the amount of technical investment will also affect the price of the ceramic rod. Pintejin Ceramic Factory understands that when users buy products, they are looking for wear resistance and high temperature resistance when using ceramic rods. Therefore, when designing and manufacturing ceramic rods, both the core technology of product design and the production process have adopted china advanced technology.



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