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What are the types and uses of commonly used industrial ceramic nozzles

What are the types and uses of commonly used industrial ceramic nozzles

Pintejin Ceramics is a ceramics manufacturer specializing in the research, production and manufacture of industrial ceramic nozzles. Industrial ceramics are an indispensable development industry in modern technology. Industrial ceramics include many types and uses. For example, industrial ceramic nozzles have also been widely used in various industries in industrial ceramics. Below Pintejin Ceramics will introduce the types and uses of industrial ceramic nozzles.

Zirconia Ceramic Nozzle

Industrial ceramic nozzles are processed ceramic nozzles produced from ceramic materials, which have the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Precision ceramic nozzles are used in special industries such as: flamethrower, catalytic cracking nozzle, Texaco nozzle, manufacturing Granular nozzles, etc. are widely used. Industrial ceramic nozzles have been continuously improved and updated since they were introduced to China in the 1990s. Mainly improved from the shape of precision ceramic parts and ceramic materials:

Shape: The shape of the ceramic nozzle has gradually developed from the early spiral type, large volume, 2 turns of spray, to spiral type, eddy current type, and small volume.

Materials: Materials have gradually developed from oxide ceramics to nitride ceramics and carbide ceramics. At present, the industrial ceramic nozzles in our country refer to the following:

  • 1. Oxide ceramic nozzles (referring to alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramic materials)
  • 2. Nitride ceramic nozzles (referring to silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide materials)
  • 3 .Silicon carbide ceramic nozzles (referring to silicon carbide, boron carbide materials) ,Since the performance of oxide ceramic nozzles is not as good as that of silicon nitride nozzles and silicon carbide nozzles, they have been gradually eliminated.

Alumina Ceramic Nozzle

The current mainstream products in the market are: 1. Nitrogen connection combined with silicon carbide nozzle (white) [1]Its advantages are high hardness, strong wear resistance, both advantages and disadvantages, and the material is too hard to be used as a spiral nozzle. 2. Silicon carbide nozzle (black, green) [2]Its advantages are high hardness and good ductility, and it can be used as a spiral nozzle or a vortex nozzle.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages, and its wear resistance is relatively poor. Use of ceramic nozzles: Since the country launched the clear water and blue sky plan in 1998, the country has formulated a series of exhaust emission standards to control the emission of SOx sulfide and NOx nitride, because these are acidic gases, which will be highly corrosive when encountering water. , so it is impossible for the nozzles of general metal materials to meet the process requirements. At this time, the silicon carbide nozzles fill the gap in the field.

Another reason is that the lime slurry used in the wet desulfurization process has a strong erosion effect, and the silicon carbide material is resistant to corrosion, so the silicon carbide nozzle is the preferred product of the desulfurization nozzle.


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