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The characteristics and technology of alumina ceramic round rod

The characteristics and technology of alumina ceramic round rod

Alumina ceramic round rod is a kind of ceramic rod and also a kind of alumina ceramic product. Then let Pintejin Ceramics, a professional manufacturer of zirconia ceramic machining, take you to know it. Alumina ceramic round rod Features of alumina ceramic round rod:

  • A. The strength is higher than that of clay ceramics, with high hardness and good wear resistance;
  • B. High temperature resistance, can be used for a long time at a high temperature of 1600 degrees;
  • C. Strong corrosion resistance;
  • D. Good electrical insulation properties, especially outstanding electrical insulation properties at high temperatures, with a withstand voltage of more than 8000V per millimeter of thickness.

Alumina ceramic round rod

The production process of alumina ceramic round rod: raw material batching → grinding machining → pulping, mud making → molding → drying → pulverizing → hot pressing sintering → firing → inspection (cold machining) → packaging and storage → Factory.

The forming methods of alumina ceramic round rods are often used: dry pressing, grouting, extrusion, isostatic pressing (dry method, wet method), coagulation, casting, hot die casting, centrifugal grouting, etc. Different ceramic round gangs need to adopt reasonable molding methods because of their different requirements, sizes, complex shapes and precision. Powder preparation of alumina ceramic round rod:

  • First, aluminum powder is prepared into powder material according to different requirements and different molding processes.
  • The second is molding. When extrusion molding or injection molding is used, binder and plasticizer need to be introduced into the powder. Generally, the thermoplastic or resin organic binder with a weight ratio of 10-30% should be mixed with alumina powder at a temperature of 150-200 Mixed uniformly at the bottom to facilitate the molding operation.
  • Finally, the formed alumina ceramic round rod is sintered, and it can be shipped out of the factory after quality inspection.

Pintejin Ceramics is a manufacturer specializing in the production and machining of ceramics. The preparation, molding and sintering are all completed in our factory. The alumina ceramic round rods can be proofed, and the quality is guaranteed!


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