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What are the treatments that need to be done after alumina ceramics are formed?

What are the treatments that need to be done after alumina ceramics are formed?

There are many methods for forming alumina ceramics, such as dry pressing, grouting, extrusion, cold isostatic pressing, injection, casting, hot pressing and hot isostatic pressing. So what are the treatments that need to be done after forming alumina ceramics What? Next, Pintejin Ceramics will introduce to you.


1. Dry grinding

In the process of preparing alumina ceramics, it is necessary to use sandpaper to polish the alumina ceramics. Usually, this bile film is more suitable for the hard and brittle paint.A certain amount of dust will be generated during the grinding process, so the preparation staff of Dongguan alumina ceramics should pay attention to avoid inhalation.


2. Wet grinding

Alumina ceramics can also be polished with water sandpaper dipped in water or soapy water during cooling and molding. Water grinding in this way can reduce wear marks, improve the smoothness of the coating, and save the use of sandpaper. However, the manufacturer of advanced alumina ceramics reminds that when spraying the lower layer of paint after water grinding, it is necessary to wait until the water-grinding layer is completely dry before applying the lower layer of paint, otherwise 70% may be easily whitened.


3. Mechanical grinding

If a large area of ​​alumina ceramics needs to be ground, it is usually necessary to use mechanical grinding, which can improve work efficiency. Therefore, in the grinding process of alumina ceramics, it may be necessary to use a vibrating or electric grinding machine for grinding. The above is the machining that needs to be done after the alumina ceramics brought by Pintejin Ceramics. Pintejin Ceramics is a manufacturer specializing in the production and machining of ceramics, focusing on the machining of alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics, and can process ceramics according to your needs. product.

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