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What are the difficulties and equipment of ceramic precision cutting? (many)

What are the difficulties and equipment of ceramic precision cutting? (many)

Due to the high hardness, brittleness and low thermal conductivity of ceramic materials, it is a kind of difficult-to-machine material, so ceramic precision cutting has appeared. The following is introduced by Pintejin Ceramics. Difficulties in cutting zirconia ceramic precision cutting knife ceramic precision ceramics:

What are the difficulties and equipment of ceramic precision cutting  (many)

Ceramics have high hardness, such as alumina ceramics, titanium carbide ceramics, the hardness can reach HV2250-3000, higher than cemented carbide, second only to diamond and cubic Boron nitride has high wear resistance, and in the process of precision ceramic cutting, the precision and roughness of the ceramic surface to be cut have certain requirements, which cannot be processed by ordinary machining methods. What is the machine for precision cutting of ceramics? ——Ceramic laser cutting machine. Ceramic laser cutting machines are generally used for engraving and cutting of porcelain. Laser cutting ceramics has the characteristics of non-contact, flexibility, automation, precision cutting and curve cutting, narrow slit and fast speed. Compared with traditional cutting methods such as diamond grinding wheel cutting, it is a method of great application value and The ideal machining method of ceramic parts for development potential.

However, ceramics are hard and brittle materials with poor thermal stability, and recast layers and cracks are easily formed during cutting, which reduces the original excellent performance of the matrix. Ceramic precision cutting bracket What is the principle of ceramic laser cutting machine? The high-speed airflow reflects a certain cooling effect on the interaction area between the laser and the ceramic, which reduces the conduction depth of the heat generated by the interaction between the laser and the ceramic to the interior of the matrix, thereby reducing the thickness of the recast layer due to rapid cooling due to thermal melting.

When the cutting speed increases to a certain value, the degree of pulse superposition decreases, the thermal action time per unit length decreases, and even partially depends on thermal vibration to cause the matrix to break; during the pulse rest time, the moving distance of the laser cutting nozzle exceeds the spot diameter, and the superposition effect of the pulsed laser disappears. , when a single pulse acts alone, the temperature gradient is large and the heat conduction time is short, so that the cooling effect of the high-speed airflow becomes insignificant.



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