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What are the ceramic rods mainly used for?

What are the ceramic rods mainly used for?

There are two main types of ceramic rods, one is zirconia ceramic rod, and the other is alumina ceramic rod. So what is the ceramic rod used for, and what are its uses? Let’s take a look.

Ceramic rods have the common advantages of metal and polymer materials, and they have been paid attention to and widely used because of their many advantages, playing a very important role. The production process of ceramic rods is relatively cumbersome, and it has to go through production processes such as cutting, grinding, grinding, and polishing. However, compared with the same type of products of other materials, the demand for ceramic rods is large, and it is trending higher, because it has the following advantages.

Zirconia ceramic rods Zirconia ceramic rods Application fields: ultra-fine grinding equipment, fine chemicals, electronic slurry, semiconductors, new energy, nano new materials, medical equipment, precision casting, structural ceramics, refractory materials, electronic communications, sensitive ceramics, Petrochemical, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, fiber optic connectors, battery materials and other high-precision fields.

Characteristics of ceramic rods:

1. Strong weather resistance

The ceramic rod uses zirconia or alumina as the production material. Compared with the products of the same category, the advantages are quite obvious, and it has strong weather resistance. Whether sunlight, rain, or moisture have no effect on the surface and substrate of the ceramic rod. Corrosion-resistant ceramic rods are also very stable in color under ultraviolet light, and meet international standards in terms of impact resistance, strength and elasticity.

2. Extremely stable

Ceramic rods are generally made of zirconia, which is a relatively advanced technology in the industry. First of all, it is easier to clean, has good fire resistance, will not melt, fall or explode, and can remain stable for a long time. , so the stability is very strong. Moreover, the ceramic rod is easy to maintain, and there is no need to add any anti-corrosion paint or protective layer on the surface. It is easy and convenient to use and has a long service life.

3. High wear resistance

The ceramic rod is made of high-precision raw materials, which enhances the mechanical strength and hardness of the ceramic during the high-temperature firing process. Therefore, the ceramic rod has a good performance in impact resistance. After a long period of proof and multiple tests, the wear resistance is also very strong, and the shape will not be damaged after long-term use. In various harsh working environments, the advantages of ceramic rods are more significant, which also makes acid-resistant ceramic rods the best choice for harsh working conditions.

Black ceramic rods Ceramic rods are widely used in various fields because of their weather resistance, stability and high wear resistance. In addition to the use of ceramic rods in normal environments, in the harsh working environment of high temperature, high pressure, and easy corrosion, the use of ceramic rods can not only ensure the normal operation of the instrument, but will not break, wear, corrode, etc., and will not be damaged. instrument.

The ceramic round rods produced by Pintejin are mainly made of zirconia and alumina materials; according to the type of parts, they are divided into flat round rods, single-convex round rods, double-convex round rods, rotor horizontal pins, special-shaped round rods, and blind hole round rods. Rod and so on. Ceramic round rods are mainly used in medicine, precision machinery, precision measurement and testing, and laser technology applications, such as: injection plug rods, measuring rods, laser rods, laser rangefinders, laser guidance meters, gyroscopes, etc. Corrosion, wear resistance, high heat conduction and other use environments.

Pintejin Ceramics has advanced ceramic forming, sintering, and ceramic machining equipment; our machining experience is rich, we can customize ceramic rods of different sizes according to customers, and can carry out turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, cutting, tapping on ceramic rods wire and other machining and achieve high precision; dimensional accuracy: up to 0.001; smoothness: up to Ra0.02, straightness up to 0.01mm!

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