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Three characteristics of alumina ceramics

Three characteristics of alumina ceramics

Alumina ceramics are the most widely used in the entire ceramic industry, so their performance is also very superior. The use of alumina ceramics in modern society is gradually increasing. Alumina ceramics that can meet various special performance requirements mainly have the following three advantages.

1. High hardness of alumina ceramics

The Rockwell hardness of alumina ceramics tested by a third-party professional organization can reach HRA80-90 hardness, second only to diamond.

Three characteristics of alumina ceramics

2. Alumina ceramics have good wear resistance

The wear resistance of alumina ceramics exceeds that of manganese steel by more than 266 times and that of high-chromium cast iron by more than 171.5 times. According to the follow-up survey of customers in the past ten years, if it is under the same conditions, the service life of the equipment can be improved by at least ten times.

3. Alumina ceramics are light in weight

The density of alumina ceramics is only 3.5g/cm3, which is less than half of that of steel, which effectively reduces the load of the equipment.

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