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The Use Of Silicon Carbide Ceramics

The Use Of Silicon Carbide Ceramics

Silicon carbide ceramics outperform other precision ceramic spare parts in some industrial applications. What are the uses of silicon carbide ceramics? Nuoyi Precision Ceramics will share with you:

In air, silicon carbide begins to oxidize at 800°C, but at a very slow rate. The oxidation rate increases rapidly with increasing temperature. Silicon carbide oxidizes 1.6 times faster in oxygen than in air and slows down with time.

The Use Of Silicon Carbide Ceramics

1. Abrasive:

Due to its strong rigidity, it can be made into various abrasives such as grinding wheels and gauze, and is widely used in the machining industry.

Refractory: Refractory black silicon carbide is generally divided into three types.

  • A. Advanced refractory black silicon carbide.
  • B. Secondary refractory black silicon carbide, containing more than 90% silicon carbide.
  • C. Low-cost refractory black silicon carbide, the content of silicon carbide must exceed 83%, mainly used for lining of iron cans, molten iron bags, zinc smelting industry and sponge manufacturing industry.

2. Deoxidizer:

Compared with ferrosilicon deoxidizer, silicon carbide deoxidizer can produce better steel and is more economical.

3. High temperature resistant parts:

Due to the wear resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance of silicon carbide ceramics, mechanical sealing materials can be prepared, and the high thermal conductivity of silicon carbide ceramics can be used in heat exchangers such as industrial pit furnaces in the metallurgical industry.

4. Electrical and electrical aspects:

Silicon carbide has high thermal conductivity and good insulation, and can be used as a large-scale circuit substrate and packaging material.