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The Properties Of Silicon Carbide Porous Ceramics

The Properties Of Silicon Carbide Porous Ceramics

Silicon carbide ceramics outperform other precision ceramic spare parts in some industrial applications. What are the characteristics of silicon carbide porous ceramics? Nuoyi Precision Ceramics will share with you:

Silicon carbide porous ceramic material is made from corundum sand, silicon carbide, cordierite and other raw materials through molding and special high temperature sintering process.

It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, acid, alkali and organic medium corrosion resistance, good biological inertness, controllable pore structure, high porosity, long service life, and good product regeneration performance. Filtration and separation of various media, noise reduction of high-pressure gas exhaust gas, gas distribution and electrolytic membrane, etc.

Properties Of Silicon Carbide Porous Ceramics

(1) High porosity:

An important feature of porous silicon carbide ceramics is that they have more uniform and controllable pores. The pores are divided into open pores and closed pores: open pores can filter, absorb, absorb and eliminate echoes, while closed pores can help block the transfer of heat, sound, and liquid and solid particles.

(2) High strength:

Porous ceramic materials are generally made of metal oxides, silicon dioxide, silicon carbide and other materials after being calcined at high temperature. These materials are inherently strong. During calcination, the boundaries of the raw material particles melt and combine to form a high-strength ceramic.

(3) Stable physical and chemical properties:

Silicon carbide porous ceramic material can not only withstand acid and alkali corrosion, but also withstand high temperature and high pressure, its own clean state is good, will not cause secondary pollution, it is a green and environmentally friendly functional material;

(4) High filtration precision and good regeneration performance:

Filter materials for porous ceramic materials, with narrow pore size distribution, high porosity and specific surface area, good contact with filtered ceramic materials, including suspended solids, colloidal content and microbial contamination, trapped on the surface or inside of filter media, filtration Works well. After a period of use, the silicon carbide porous ceramic filter material can be backwashed with gas or liquid to restore the original filtration capacity.