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The Mixing Stage And Its Influencing Factors

The Mixing Stage And Its Influencing Factors
Mixing the ceramic powder and the binder is the first step in the injection molding process, which relies on the wetting ability between the ceramic powder and the binder and the action of external mechanical force. Since the defects generated during the mixing process cannot be eliminated by subsequent processes, the mixing stage is also the key to determining the quality of injection molding. The main defect of the mixing process is the non-uniformity of the mixture, including the separation of powder and binder and the segregation of powder in the binder caused by particle size, which will affect the density reduction and structural deformation of the final ceramic part. The solid content, viscosity and feeding sequence of the powder have a certain influence on the quality of the mixture. In order to avoid the collapse and damage of the ceramic parts caused by the softening of the binder in the later degreasing and sintering process, the green body needs to have a higher solid content. The viscosity is an important parameter to characterize the performance of the mixture. The properties of the ceramic powder, the type of binder, and the solid content will all affect the viscosity. Controlling the temperature, time and rate during the mixing process is also the key to the quality of the mixing. If the mixing temperature is too low, the mixing time will not be able to achieve sufficient uniformity, and the mixing speed will have a certain influence on the final viscosity of the mixing.
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