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The introduction and use of sand mill ceramic sheets should pay attention to the problems

The introduction and use of sand mill ceramic sheets should pay attention to the problems

Pintejin Ceramics Factory is a manufacturer of ceramic parts. In the process of production and machining, the production equipment used is also very important. Today, I will explain the equipment problems and advantages of producing zirconia ceramic parts.

The sand mill can use glass marbles, zirconia balls, and bearing steel balls as grinding materials. It is better to use a uniform particle size for each material. Before loading the material into the head, the material should be cleaned and selected in advance. The selection of a certain type of material during grinding depends on the permeability particle size and viscosity of the raw material to be milled. The standard is: the harder the textile ceramic raw material, the harder the material should be used; the denser the product specification, the finer the particle size of the material and the filling amount should be relatively increased; the coarser the particle size of the milled raw material, the coarser the particle size of the material used.

The filling amount of the material to be milled by the horizontal sand mill is about 85% of the head capacity. The actual amount to be filled depends on the particle size of the material, the sensitivity of the raw materials to temperature, and the types of raw materials.

Zirconia ceramic sealing ring

Sand mill to take chemical fiber titanium dioxide mixture Sand mill (two times of grinding): The diamond electronic ceramic grinding head method is the basic method of foundation settlement to enhance the fine dispersion and grinding of the sand mill. Due to the high viscosity of ethylene glycol, the cohesion of the team between each initial particle in the aggregated particles cannot be escaped by the shear stress of the dispersing disk.

Therefore, it must be milled twice by a sand mill equipped with substances (the essence is still a dispersion process) to fully achieve the actual effect of injection molding dispersion. After grinding twice, add ethylene glycol diluent to form a mixture of 25% by mass to 25%, and then mix for about 30 minutes before entering the feed tank. We can see that there are many alumina sand mills on the market. Moreover, this kind of sand mill is also widely used. You can also see that the characteristics of different sand mills are also very significant. This point, after everyone uses the sand mill, there will be a lot of deeper understanding.


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