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Introduction to the Machining technology of ceramic rods

Introduction to the Machining technology of ceramic rods

Pintejin Ceramics specializes in the production of ceramic rods and ceramic center rods, and has large quantities of ceramic rods in stock. High temperature sintered ceramic rods are widely used in aerospace, medical equipment, military machinery and other fields. Pintejin has a large inventory of ceramic rods, the diameter can be 0.4mm, and the length can be formed over 400mm!

Pintejin Ceramics has advanced ceramic forming, sintering, and ceramic machining equipment; our machining experience is rich, and can be turned, milled, planed, and ground , drilling, cutting, tapping and other machining and achieve high precision; dimensional accuracy: up to 0.001; smoothness: up to atomized mirror surface! Pintejin Ceramics has advanced ceramic rod machining equipment; the main equipment includes: internal and external grinding equipment, honing equipment, polishing machine, engraving equipment, engraving and milling machine and other machining centers; the following is a detailed introduction to the machining technology of ceramic rods:

A ceramic rod polished

After the ceramic rod is sintered, the surface is very rough. It needs to be polished by centerless grinding and grinding equipment. Our polished ceramic rod can achieve the effect of atomized mirror surface!

Two ceramic rods chamfered

The chamfering of ceramic rods is divided into 45 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees. We have ready-made grinding wheels, and the ceramic rods can be chamfered at different angles;

Three ceramic rods slotted

Ceramic rods can be slotted on one side or on both sides! Can be slotted according to different customer requirements;
Four ceramic rods punched

Five Ceramic Rods Straightness Machining

The straightness of the ceramic rod is related to the length of the ceramic rod. The longer it is, the easier it is to bend. Generally, the straightness of the 100mm long ceramic rod can be controlled at 0.1mm, and the straightness of the 300mm length is 0.3mm;

Six Ceramic Rods Cylindrical Machining
The outer circle of the ceramic rod generally needs to be cylindrically ground, and the roundness of the ceramic rod can reach 0.002mm;

Ceramic rods have good mechanical properties, with excellent performance such as drop resistance, wear resistance, super strength, super hardness, high temperature resistance (fire resistance), super corrosion resistance, never rust, oxidation resistance, insulation, and its own lubrication! The material has excellent insulating properties, no pores, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, and no outgassing.


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