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The high-tech development of industrial ceramics should also pay attention to environmental protection

The high-tech development of industrial ceramics should also pay attention to environmental protection

In recent years, my country’s industrial ceramics have developed rapidly, and it has become a large cross-industry and interdisciplinary industry. The output value of the national industrial ceramics has accounted for more than half of the ceramic industry, and it has a very important strategic position in the entire national economy.

Experts predict that the market demand for industrial ceramic products in China will grow at an average annual rate of about 8.5%. Industrial ceramic technology is an important part of the application field of science and technology. Most high-tech development is inseparable from high-tech industrial ceramics, and the development of high-tech industrial ceramics also requires high-tech support.

Facing the increasing environmental pressure, the industrial ceramics industry has entered an important development stage of industrial structure adjustment. Large and small industrial ceramic enterprises have to take various means to seek survival space, and actively explore the market, in order to gain a firm foothold in the process of industrial reshuffle, and seek development under the new industrial layout. Measures including industrial relocation and technological upgrading of industrial ceramics have become the strategic choices of various enterprises. As a major development trend of industrial ceramics, energy saving and emission reduction have become the highlight of the industrial ceramics industry.

Industrial ceramics should focus on energy saving enterprises from a strategic height, introduce technology of technological transformation, and implement relevant measures. It has brought a lot of practical results to the enterprise. In the case of rising labor costs, reducing production costs starts from energy management and energy saving, so that the competition of enterprises is more dominant.


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