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The Concept Of Ceramic Mold Forming Process

The Concept Of Ceramic Mold Forming Process
In today’s daily life, the daily utensils and pottery ceramic products we use are formed by hand molding and mold molding. The uniqueness of hand-shaped ceramic products is that mold forming can be used by ceramic workers for repeated use to produce multiple pieces of the same ceramic product. The mold forming process mainly relies on the gypsum solidified in a short time as the mold, and the water absorption of the gypsum is used to absorb the water of the cast or printed mud blank, so that the mud blank is dry and hard to form. Ceramic molds are divided into three categories:
  • Machine press production: male and female molds
  • Grouting production: solid grouting and hollow grouting
  • Printing blank molds
The ceramic molding process is studied as a system. Many literatures only briefly introduce the molding steps. The problems and solutions in the molding process have not been analyzed in detail. Especially for the mold molding process, the related systems are discussed. Rarely, the systematic research and induction linking craftsmanship and value will become the theoretical basis for ceramic enthusiasts to learn and practice. All ceramic works in the market are pursuing innovative design concepts, mastering the molding process, especially the mold molding process discussed in this paper, and combining it with modeling, aesthetics, market and environmental concepts. The development brings new vitality and economic value. The popularity of DIY in today’s society has brought the enthusiasm of social groups to participate in the art language of ceramics. Ceramics, the creative activity closest to nature, makes people relax physically and mentally. The popularity of pottery bars is the best illustration. More and more people are interested in ceramic production, and it is also an imperative development trend to promote the theory of ceramic mold forming technology.

Insufficiency of research on the value of ceramic mold forming process

We should clearly find that there are some deficiencies in the research of ceramic forming process, especially for the mold forming process to be discussed in this paper. Looking through many reference materials, although there are many reference books on ceramic molding technology, most of them only introduce the production process, and there is no theoretical description of the reflection of the value of the production process. Mould forming is not just a technique, starting from itself, we make a systematic discussion and discussion to study how the creation of thinking diffusion as a ceramic artist can be completed through the ceramic mould forming process, and how industrialized ceramic products can be produced through the ceramic mould forming process. Mass production. To link its development with the features and artistry it embodies, to discuss and systematically conduct in-depth research on the mold forming process as a subject, is the purpose of our manufacturer’s writing.
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