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New features of zirconia ceramic bushings High hardness advantages

New features of zirconia ceramic bushings High hardness advantages

Zirconia ceramic shafts and ceramic shaft sleeves are mainly used for some very high-speed rotating pump valves. The advantages of zirconia ceramic bushings are high hardness and strong wear resistance. Its service life is more than 10 times that of ordinary steel bushings. Next, Pintejin Ceramics Factory will introduce the characteristics of zirconia ceramic bushings to you.

Zirconia ceramic bushing product features:

Zirconia ceramic shaft has the characteristics of self-lubrication, wear resistance, low noise, convenient assembly, long life, low loss, impact resistance and good toughness. Especially suitable for harsh environments such as corrosiveness. Technical parameters of zirconia ceramic bushings.

Ceramic shaft
New features of zirconia ceramic bushings High hardness advantages

Porosity 0%, verticality; 0.05, straightness; 0.01, smoothness; application and advantages of 0.2um water pump ceramic shaft and bushing.

The brushless DC magnetic drive pump adopts electronic commutation without carbon brush commutation, and adopts high-performance ceramic shaft and ceramic bushing. . The stator part and the rotor part of the Silicon Carbide Ceramic magnetically isolated water pump are completely isolated. The stator and circuit board parts are potted with epoxy resin, which is 100% waterproof. The rotor part uses permanent magnets, which can be adjusted by winding the ceramic ring of the stator. The required parameters can be operated with a wide range of voltages.

Advantages: long life, noise below 35dB, can be used for hot water circulation, can be installed underwater and completely waterproof, the shaft of the pump is made of high-performance ceramics, with high precision and good shock resistance.

The above is the introduction of the characteristics of zirconia ceramic bushings analyzed by Pintejin Ceramic Factory for you. I hope it can help you. Pintejin Ceramics Factory is mainly engaged in the machining of zirconia ceramics and alumina ceramics.

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