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Introduction to the history of ceramic jars

Introduction to the history of ceramic jars

Ceramic jars are made of new ceramics for industrial ceramics. Pintejin Ceramics is a manufacturer specializing in the production and machining of zirconia ceramics. Below, Pintejin Ceramics will introduce you to industrial ceramic jars.

Ceramic grinding jars Our common ceramic jars are made of pottery clay, made into a round belly, coated with black or yellow glaze, and fired in a kiln to hold or cook food. Ceramic jar is a modern new type of jar, which is made of industrial ceramic materials. There are covered and uncovered, with various forms and uses. Pintejin Ceramics can produce ceramic parts and structural parts of various shapes and sizes according to customer needs.

For details, please contact Pintejin Ceramics. Do you know the history of that ceramic jar? It is well known that China has a very long history, and in the long history, the history of ceramic civilization is also very long. It’s called Tao, maybe a jar. alumina ceramic jars One of our earliest containers in China is a simple jar made of soil. Of course, at that time, the technology was underdeveloped, and the ceramic jars produced were very simple, both in appearance and firing technology. They are all very rough, and their health is naturally not as good as it is now.

Ceramic jars are really recognized by us, perhaps because they are valued in firing technology, and the appearance and scope of application are still in the Ming and Qing dynasties. I just said that the ceramic jars were not greatly transformed until the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This has been greatly transformed from the shape of the ceramic jar to the image manufacturing on the surface of the jar. From the simple use of the utility, it has reached the state of enjoyment.

In particular, some ceramic jars produced in Jingdezhen are very valuable for appreciation, not only because they are beautiful in shape, but more importantly, many of them are very unique in the production of images on the appearance, which is very valuable for preservation. The development of ceramic jars has now been divided into many branches, including a special series of daily necessities, as well as ceramic jars that are specially admired and ceramic jars that are now used in industry.

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