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Comparison of the use time of zirconia ceramics compared to other materials

Comparison of the use time of zirconia ceramics compared to other materials

Many product materials must have a service life, so compared with other materials, zirconia ceramics have a long service life, what changes will there be? Let me introduce to you.

Zirconia ceramic custom can generally be used for one year. Due to the death of the water stabilizer, although some of the remains will be swept away with the running water, some remain in the gap of the water stabilizer, and gradually deposit to the back to block the gap.

Comparison of the use time of zirconia ceramics compared to other materials

The actual effect of parasitics in the ceramic ring will gradually decrease, so it is replaced on time. When it comes to ceramic raw materials, everyone is usually very easy to associate it with , but in fact, because of the unique raw materials added to aluminum oxide ceramics, it is much better than traditional ceramics in terms of process performance.
The aluminum oxide ceramic handicrafts that meet the standards have a high level of strength, and are not prone to damage under extrusion and impact conditions. Zirconia ceramics have high toughness, high wear resistance, high density, high toughness and wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and have been widely used in the grinding material industry.

In recent years, because of its strong chemical stability and high impact toughness, the development trend of zirconia ceramics has become a new type of inorganic cultivation substrate raw materials, and it mainly shows a broad application market in cell biology, pharmaceutical industry and other industries. prospect. From the perspective of physical characteristics: ceramics have strong power as a component of consumer electronic products.

For zirconia ceramics, it has long been proven to be a raw material for parts and components in many fields such as optical fiber communication, industrial production, and diagnosis and treatment, and it has entered the consumer electronics industry, but it is a logical result of its cost reduction and ductility improvement. In terms of strength, the hardness of zirconia ceramics is around 8.5, which is very close to the hardness of emerald 9, while the hardness of polycarbonate can only be 3.0, the hardness of tempered laminated glass is 5.5, the hardness of titanium magnesium aluminum alloy is 6.0, and the hardness of Corning glass is 6.0. is 7

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