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Classification and properties of new ceramic materials

Classification and properties of new ceramic materials

New ceramic materials have their unique advantages in performance and are widely used in the field of modern science. The following Pintejin zirconia ceramic machining manufacturers will introduce the classification and performance of new ceramic materials to you. In terms of thermal and mechanical properties, the new ceramic materials have high temperature resistance, heat insulation, high hardness, wear resistance, etc.; in terms of electrical properties, they have insulation, piezoelectricity, semiconductor properties, magnetic properties, etc.; in terms of chemical properties It has the functions of catalysis, corrosion resistance and adsorption; in terms of biology, it has certain biocompatible properties and can be used as biological structural materials. But it also has its drawbacks, such as brittleness. Therefore, research and development of new functional ceramics is an important field in materials science.

Classification According to chemical composition, new ceramics are mainly divided into two categories: one is pure oxide ceramics, such as Al2O3, ZrO2, MgO, CaO, BeO, ThO2, etc.; the other is non-oxide ceramics, such as carbides, borides , nitrides and silicides, etc. According to performance and characteristics, new ceramics can be divided into: high temperature ceramics, superhard ceramics, high toughness ceramics, semiconductor ceramics. Electrolyte ceramics, magnetic ceramics, conductive ceramics, etc.

With the continuous improvement of composition, structure and process, new ceramics emerge one after another. According to their different applications, they can be divided into engineering structural ceramics and functional ceramics. Ceramics used in engineering structures are called engineering ceramics, which are mainly used at high temperatures, also known as high-temperature structural ceramics.

New ceramic alumina ceramic ring This type of ceramics uses alumina as the main raw material, which has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and ablation resistance at high temperature, and can withstand 1980 ℃ in the air It is an important material in the fields of space technology, military technology, atomic energy, industrial and chemical equipment. There are many types of engineering ceramics, but currently the most researched in the world, the most promising ones are silicon chloride, silicon carbide and toughened oxides.

Ceramic materials manufactured by using the special functions of ceramics on physical properties such as sound, light, electricity, magnetism, and heat are called functional ceramics. There are many types of functional ceramics with different uses. For example, electronic materials such as conductive ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, dielectric ceramics, insulating ceramics, etc. can be made according to the differences in the electrical properties of ceramics, which are used to make capacitors, resistors, high-temperature and high-frequency devices in the electronic industry, transformers and other various electronic parts . For more information about new ceramics, please follow be-cu.com or contact customer service: 18579156989 (same as WeChat)


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