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Alumina ceramic material with new chemical properties and high hardness

Alumina ceramic material with new chemical properties and high hardness

What are the properties of alumina ceramics? Alumina ceramics are often used in industrial industries. Pintejin Ceramics Factory is a manufacturer of ceramic parts. Today, I will explain the performance characteristics of this ceramic.

alumina ceramic is a material with alumina as the main body, which is used in thick film integrated circuits. Now it belongs to a wide range of ceramics. Due to its superior performance, it has been widely used in society today, and it can meet the needs of daily use and special properties.

Alumina ceramic material with new chemical properties and high hardness

It has the properties of good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance, while the material of alumina ceramics has good insulation, is otherwise and stainless, and is firm and not easy to be damaged, and it is compatible with other organic materials and The same excellent properties of metal materials.

Alumina ceramics are divided into 85 porcelain, 90 porcelain, 95 porcelain and other varieties according to the content of Al2O3. Among them, 99 alumina ceramics can be used in refractory furnace tubes, special wear-resistant materials, and high-temperature crucibles, such as ceramic seals and ceramics. Bearings, etc.; and corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts require the use of 95 alumina ceramic flanges.

Moreover, alumina ceramics have the characteristics of small thermal expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength of electronic ceramics, good thermal conductivity, and good chemical corrosion resistance and molten metal properties.

In terms of hardness, it is comparable to corundum, and its wear resistance is comparable to that of superhard alloys. Alumina ceramics can be used in many ways. It can be bioceramics, wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant ceramic balls and rods, mechanical parts such as seal rings, valve parts, and dispensing ceramics at high temperature. Devices such as high temperature liquid delivery pipes, etc.

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